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Press Releases

Atlanta Bourbon Company presents JULIA NOURNEY!

“While We Are Waiting” campaign gets even more attractive! Atlanta, GA: As previously announced this month Atlanta Bourbon Company is bridging its waiting times by sourcing craft products from Europe. Today, the company announced another wonderful addition to its “While We Are Waiting” program: Julia Nourney, an international acclaimed whiskey [...]

Atlanta Bourbon Company bridges its waiting period

The Company presents its “While We Are Waiting” campaign Atlanta, GA: Every new craft distillery faces one planning issue: long waiting times until its own products come of age. Barrel aged products like whiskeys, bourbon, rum and cognacs need several years to acquire the final complexity for super-premium quality products. [...]

Welcome our new brand ambassadors: SCOTCH & BOURBON!

The world’s first comic characters to represent a US bourbon brand Atlanta, GA: Atlanta Bourbon Company is proud to present its new ambassador team: Scotch & Bourbon. The company’s goal is to represent its brand in a funny and educational way, and their ambassadors are two dogs discussing matters of [...]


Dear Shareholders and Customers, We received a fraudulent email from the address designated This email address is not an address belonging to Atlanta Bourbon Company.  Please DO NOT answer this fraudulent email. It was not sent from our servers. Any response to this email is diverted to  a different [...]

It’s time to celebrate our new logo!

Atlanta Bourbon Company presents its new branding concept Atlanta, GA: The unveiling of Atlanta Bourbon’s new logo marks an important milestone for Atlanta Bourbon Company which is in planning to launch its first brand in 2019. The new logo is more than just a unique brand symbol, it represents everything Atlanta [...]


Atlanta Bourbon Company supports Berry College Atlanta, GA: Atlanta Bourbon Company today announced to support the Berry College, GA and its Atlanta Coyote Project to raise awareness of the importance to share developed spaces with nature. Atlanta Bourbon Company’s Reinheitsgebot (purity law) to produce super premium quality without any additives [...]