How US Craft Distilleries could establish their brands online

Atlanta, GA: The latest study by the IWSR on e-commerce sales states that China’s consumers are spending four times as much volume purchasing alcohol online. The market is gowing 15% per year in China -is the US missing a huge market opportunity?

The Chinese market is currently dominated by two large players– Tmall and JD, both sharing about 70% of the online alcohol e-commerce sector. Tmall is a B2C company operated by the Alibaba Group. Their online shop covers China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. JD. is a Chinese e-commerce company headquartered in Beijing. The B2C company operates for the global market the site More than 50% of their consumers purchase alcohol online once a month or more.

The fact that online sales of off-premise beverage alcohol in the US is only 1% shows how much the US is behind the e-commerce development. Despite the fact that the main motivator for online purchases may be the convenience factor, Atlanta Bourbon Company believes that there is another gap that a legislative push could close for the craft distilling industry. “Craft distillers produce low volumes and if your local distributor does not carry a specific product, you just don’t get it. Direct online orders at the distillery are not possible in the US. If craft distilleries were allowed to operate their own premises-based online shops and ship worldwide, without the detour to a distributor, this would be a great enhancement and simplification for the craft industry,” states Caroline Porsiel, CEO of Atlanta Bourbon Company. And this would create additional opportunities for the e-commerce online market in the US. As seen in Germany, Amazon gained a 50% share of the alcohol e-commerce market in the last years and as a matter of fact, some local distilleries are selling via Amazon as well as directly from their websites.

Atlanta Bourbon Company does not believe that offering direct online sales for craft distillers is going to change the widely adapted three tier system in the US at its core – it will simply add to it. Considering that craft distilleries produce small volumes it may often make no sense for a distributor to take this small batch product into their portfolio, especially if the demand may be for just a few bottles.

Atlanta Bourbon Company is asking all distillers, collectors and other interested parties who believe in the liberation and diversification of the e-commerce alcohol market to get in contact with us:

This article was inspired by this report IWSR e-commerce study


About Atlanta Bourbon Company: Atlanta Bourbon Company is a craft distillery in set-up phase. We have committed to our own Atlanta Bourbon Reinheitsgebot (purity law) to produce super premium quality without any additives – because we do believe the future is clean drinking.



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