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Mysterious Middle Eastern alchemists – discoverers of alcohol distillation

The oldest known records of western alchemy come from ancient Egypt and Hellenistic Greece. Today we associate alchemy with the idea of transforming metal to gold, but in fact these early scientists were much more diverse--they were for example searching for the “elixir of life” a potion for an immortal life and they were hoping to find “panaceas” the cure [...]

About whisk(e)y, the clergy, surgeons, peasants, and the crown

The following article is dedicated to Mark Thomson, UK Ambassador for Glenfiddich Single Malt of Williams Grant & Sons, and Iain Russell Brands Heritage Manager of The Glenmorangie Company. Thank you for inspiring me to write this article. I will write whisk(e)y in this article out of respect for the amazing inspirations I received from Scottish Whiskys. In the year [...]

About the history of whisk(e)y

Is aqua vitae always translating to whiskey? Many old sources in Ireland and later in Scotland refer to “aqua vitae”, translating form Latin to the water of life as whiskey. But was this water of life a distillate made from malted barley to be rightfully called whiskey? The Red Book of Ossory gives some hints that this may not have [...]

How Henry the VIII influenced the whiskey market

Henry the VIII (28 June 1491 – 28 January 1547) may be best known for his six wives, and the English Reformation of the Church of England from papal authority in 1531. But the Tudor’s decision may not simply have rooted from his wish to remarry but was rather a long-planned political and most importantly a financial decision. In fact, [...]

Women in the art of distilling

Early history In the history of the production of alcoholic beverages one thing stands out in particular - from the start women were responsible for the production of beer and distillates, as it was associated with cooking in the broadest sense. This applies equally to early China, India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, the American or African continents. Witch burning from the [...]

Whiskey Rebellion

It started as a tax protest in the United States in 1791 during the presidency of George Washington. The newly formed federal government passed a “whiskey tax” which became law in 1791, and was intended to generate revenue for the war debt incurred during the Revolutionary War taxing all distilled spirits. […]