Dear Shareholders and Customers,

We received a fraudulent email from the address designated This email address is not an address belonging to Atlanta Bourbon Company.  Please DO NOT answer this fraudulent email. It was not sent from our servers. Any response to this email is diverted to  a different email address,  i.e. These people have misused our logo, and so we are promptly warning potential recipients so that they do not fall into this trap. Please do not engage in any conversation with these people. Our legal team is already advised to take all legal measures available.

The fraudulent email we uncovered was signed by “Susan V. Collins”, who has no affiliation with Atlanta Bourbon Company and everyone should be wary of any communication by someone with that name.

Please note – all correspondence with us is sent only via info(at), and if you answer all replies will be sent only to info(at) and not any other email address.  We have not changed any of our email contact information or any banking information.


About Atlanta Bourbon Company: Atlanta Bourbon Company is a craft distillery in set-up phase. We have committed to our own Atlanta Bourbon Reinheitsgebot (purity law) to produce super premium quality without any additives – because we do believe the future is clean drinking.

January 12, 2019
Caroline Porsiel
Atlanta Bourbon Company
Telefon +1 404 771 4332
E-Mail info(at)