Atlanta, GA: There are strong reasons for investors to focus on craft distilleries. The term craft spirit is associated with “lucrative investment” and the consolidation in this market segment gives an idea why. Let’s summarize some of the major deals of the industry’s recent past:



Many of the purchase prices remain undisclosed but investors can do the math: Even young distilleries can earn quite a cut after getting into the first profitable years. There is a great potential for early stage investors because the US craft distilling market is still far from being saturated. Consider the numbers: There are still less than 3000 licensed distilleries in the US today compared to countries like Austria or Germany with 22,000 to 25,000 craft distilleries each – this shows how underdeveloped the market still is.

“We at Atlanta Bourbon Company have a focus to produce true craft from grain to bottle,” explains Caroline Porsiel, founder and CEO of Atlanta Bourbon Company. “I see a risk that the term craft is still misused too easily by distilleries selling white labeled products rather than authentic handcrafted products. This is sooner or later going to backfire because consumers in the premium segments do not like to be fooled. And this is where we at Atlanta Bourbon Company see our big impact as a local producer of true craft quality. Our craft production concept is different, and that will make us even more attractive in the future considering all those deals in the craft distilling sector.”


About Atlanta Bourbon Company: Atlanta Bourbon Company, a privately held craft distillery plans to develop and operate a facility in Metro Atlanta. We are a group of bourbon enthusiasts and industry specialists that share a common goal to distill premium, small batch spirits without any additives for our local community. We have brought some of the world’s best distilling experts to the company, and all of us want to help raising the bar for handcrafted bourbon throughout the US.


July 18, 2018
Caroline Porsiel
Atlanta Bourbon Company
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