Atlanta Bourbon Company presents its new branding concept

Atlanta, GA: The unveiling of Atlanta Bourbon’s new logo marks an important milestone for Atlanta Bourbon Company which is in planning to launch its first brand in 2019.

The new logo is more than just a unique brand symbol, it represents everything Atlanta Bourbon Company stands for. “We really wanted a logo that combines what we love: Atlanta and Bourbon! And, we think our designers did a great job,” says Caroline Porsiel, CEO of Atlanta Bourbon Company.

The new logo depicts a phoenix with two oak wings. The phoenix symbolizes Atlanta’s “rising from the ashes” in its history. The two American oak leaves stand as a reminder that bourbon must be aged in new American oak to be rightfully called bourbon. And, of course the phoenix stands for fire and the oak barrels need to be charred to create the smooth vanilla aroma for bourbon. Atlanta Bourbon Company’s phoenix faces to the West – to honor Kentucky bourbon.

The new visual identity will be available on our communication media and online presences in the next days.


About Atlanta Bourbon Company: Atlanta Bourbon Company is a craft distillery in set-up phase. We have committed to our own Atlanta Bourbon Reinheitsgebot (purity law) to produce super premium quality without any additives – because we do believe the future is clean drinking.

December 18, 2018
Caroline Porsiel
Atlanta Bourbon Company