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Press Releases

Alcohol E-Commerce is booming in China

How US Craft Distilleries could establish their brands online Atlanta, GA: The latest study by the IWSR on e-commerce sales states that China’s consumers are spending four times as much volume purchasing alcohol online. The market is gowing 15% per year in China -is the US missing a huge market [...]

Atlanta Bourbon Reinheitsgebot & Clean Drinking Concept

Atlanta Bourbon Company commits to highest quality standards Atlanta, GA: Atlanta Bourbon Company is introducing two essential concepts for their quality initiative: the “Atlanta Bourbon Reinheitsgebot” and their “Clean Drinking Concept”. Together these concepts will raise the bar for future craft distilling. Taking a look at the American whiskey market [...]

Atlanta Bourbon Trademarks “Bourbon Reinheitsgebot”

Atlanta, GA: Atlanta Bourbon Company is excited to announce that it has taken steps to protect the intellectual property of the company. We are proud of our name, “Atlanta Bourbon Company.” We are also proud of our plan to distill products of the highest quality, which we will publicize by promoting [...]

Atlanta Bourbon Company may invest in Alpharetta/Roswell area

Atlanta, GA: Atlanta Bourbon Company previously announced that they are actively searching for properties in the north metropolitan area for building a bourbon distillery. The company has recently considered several properties in the northern Metro Atlanta corridor and has spoken with representatives of the city of Alpharetta. “I know everyone [...]